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"Our school uses EZ Power Text to alert parents when their children are truant or sick.  We also send parents their childrenÂ’s test scores and exam results, so they can constantly stay in the loop.  Also, when there's a change of venue for sporting events or practice, a message can easily be sent to all parties."



"Our company uses EZ Power Text to communicate with our customers and employees.  This is our most professional and reliable customer service capability, because when we REALLY need to communicate something very inportant to our customers, we don't have to be close to wi-fi or other limited communications methods to get it done.  Remember, EZ Power Text does NOT use the Internet."



"When you learn that a potentially catastrophic event is headed in your direction, you need an uncomplicated, quick, and reliable way to reach out to your emergency contacts' list, one which does not require Internet access.  For example, in case of a real fire (not a fire drill), you can easily prevent injuries by having a battery-powered system you can take outside.  Then, you can text up-to-date status info and pick-up instructions to your emergency contacts."



Just for fun, ever set up a flash mob? You can use EZ Power Text to send hundreds of people a text message with the time and place for a special event. The first flash mobs were impromptu, group dance exhibitions, like the one held at Ohio State University Union in 2010 (View).
Create your own flash mob using EZ Power Text.  Host a special event!  Get more business!  Send a message to everyone who has opted-in to your EZ Power Text system!


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